Friday, 30 July 2010

Technical Problems!

Hello out there,
I'm having technical problems with my laptop and it's driving me mad.!!!
I have lots of cards to show but they are all stored on the laptop. The motor starts up but the screen is completely black! I have everything on that laptop even all my class research. Also I haven't got round to backing up the files. As I don't know anything about computers I'm relying on my son to sort it out but he is busy with work. So at the moment i'm on my husbands old computer. So bare with me and I'll find a way to around this problem. In the mean time at least I can still view everyone elses postings.
Speak soon
     Di xx


  1. Oh No!!!!! Hope you are back online soon and you get your stuff back :o( xx Lynne xx

  2. Hi Di,
    Good luck with your laptop, hope you get it sorted.
    Great to see you back
    Love Michelle x

  3. Hi Hon
    Told you I checked every day.
    Hope you get it sorted soon.